About “[w]ortsfremd”

German “Wort” means  word, “Ort” means place and “fremd” foreign/ strange. Our motivation: Grown up in the heart of Europe: in the Western and Eastern parts of Germany. After the fall of the Berlin Wall our “homecountry” became alien. After

Learning German

Do you wish your staff be trained for a presentation, e.g. in medical language? Are you preparing for an exam? We can help you: Qualified, focused and relaxed! Our approach: Involve actively and celebrate your success! The process: After assessing

Touring Berlin

You already know the surroundings of your workplace quite well? Now it would be great to take a look behind the facades? We can help you with this, too, and offer standard and individual tours. On our tours, we approach

With a cup of tea …

Cup of tea

Who we are

In my hometown Freiburg, I studied German studies and philosophy. In 1999 I came to Berlin to go to the theatre every night ;-).

Alexandra Marschner German lecturer

I experienced the fall of the wall in 1989 in Leipzig. Languages and distant cultures intrigued me from an early age. The German Academic Exchange Service paved my way to study in Jerusalem.

Dörte Deimig lecturer & tour guide