German “Wort” means  word, “Ort” means place and “fremd” foreign/ strange.

Our motivation: Grown up in the heart of Europe: in the Western and Eastern parts of Germany. After the fall of the Berlin Wall our “homecountry” became alien. After leaving home foreign places became home.

Language can also become a kind of homecountry. Learning foreign languages encourages you to bridge the gaps of understanding and to overcome walls and barriers.

How can one facilitate understanding? By meeting one another, intellectually, at abstract places, talking about concepts, or at specific places.

What we offer: Language courses and trips through Berlin.

We comply with standards – our trainings are certified  by telc and International House and  since we are a small company we can make a difference: we are able to attune to your individual needs.

At first hand. Effective. With fun and positive energy.


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