Our training

Our training is based on the Common European Framework of reference for Languages. This framework offers criteria for measuring your language skills.

In our training we use different conceptual approaches to language teaching – this helps us to adapt to your individual wishes and needs. These approaches are for example:

  • Berlitz-method (automation),
  • Assimil-method (learning structures musically),
  • The “classical method” (discovering grammar, analyse and reproduce rhetoric)


We use standardized as well as individually tailored material. Hence audit standards can be met and German language standards can be applied. This makes communications between German-speaking and “newly German-speaking” colleagues in your company much easier. At the same time the interests and questions of our trainees are fully taken care of.

The scope of the training

Learning German successfully depends on motivation. If trainees are ready to invest one and a half hour a day to learn German on their own, they can achieve the optimal learning success.

Together with us, your employees can reach the next competency level within around three months. For this aim we recommend to study with us twice a week for 90 minutes.

To shorten distances and to guarantee optimal results trainings can take place in your firm (in-house) or online.

With pleasure we’ll provide you with a tailor-made proposal!


Our programmes