Would you like to discuss engineering, maths and natural sciences in German? Would your life be easier (and your studies shorter) if you could understand the exam questions better? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to communicate with your colleagues professionally in German?

Then, this training is exactly for you! It ‘hooks up’ German everyday language with professional situations commonly encountered by engineers and scientists. Learn how to gain engineering knowledge and how to discuss scientific or technical issues in correct German.

Each chapter and specialization focusses on authentic material with exactly those linguistic features you’ll need.

Chapter 1 – Overview on science- and engineering-oriented fields of study
Work fields of engineers
Studying science and engineering in Germany

Chapter 2 – Math-basics in German
Arithmetic operations & laws of arithmetic
Number ranges & number systems

Specializations are possible in these areas:

  • Set theory & functions
  • Computer sciences
  • Geometry
  • Chemistry & materials science
  • Electrical engineering
  • Energy technology
  • Bionics


A2/ B1 – C2

The training comprises 80 units (45 minutes each) and is tailored according to your specialization.

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