This programme aims to improve your communication skills concerning conversations with patients and colleagues and at giving you insights into operational structures in German hospitals. The training consists of three modules, which build upon one another, as well as a specialist subject and test preparations.

Module 1

1.1 Anamnesis
1.2 Physical examination

Written documentation:
1.3 The handover report
1.4 Doctor’s letters

Module 2

Conversations among colleagues:
2.1 Conventions of courtesy
2.2 Doctor-doctor and doctor-nurse-conversations

Techniques of medical conversations:

2.3 Talking to the patient/ Difficult conversations
2.4 Talking to relatives and children

Giving specialized lectures:

2.5 Fundamentals of rhetoric
2.6 Nonverbal signals
2.7 Managing discussions

Module 3

The health care system in German-speaking countries:
3.1 Hospitalisation and outpatient care
3.2 Questions of financing, insurance and residence
3.3 Private surgery

Intercultural competence:
3.4 Distance and proximity
3.5 Religious provisions (daily rhythms, nutrition, clothing, hygiene)
3.6 Roles and rights of the patient

Specialist subject

Focus on psychiatry:
4.1 Expressing a diagnosis
4.2 Therapy agreements
4.3 Types of therapy

Modul: Test preparations
5. German for medical staff B2 or C1


B1 – C2

Modules can be booked separately. Sensible would be at least the three modules and test preparations.

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